Who do the Duggars support for president? Josh Duggar and Ted Cruz photo isn’t helping the campaign

Josh Duggar and Ted Cruz

Following a primary win over Donald Trump in Wisconsin, it’s looking increasingly likely that Ted Cruz could be the establishment pick for president at a contested Republican convention this summer. That means it’s a really bad time for an old photo of Josh Duggar and Ted Cruz looking chummy to be making the rounds.

Josh shared the image on his Instagram page last year, back in his glory days of working for the Christian right lobbying group Family Research Council Action. In the caption, Josh said, “I had a great meeting today with @sentedcruz. He always conveys his passion for America and the importance of advancing faith, family and freedom!” At the time of the picture, Josh was mostly known as the oldest son from the popular TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.

But, just weeks later, his image was ruined when news broke he molested five girls, including four of his sister, as a teenager. That was followed later in the summer by the Ashley Madison scandal — meaning Cruz probably now regrets agreeing to the photo opp, which has been recirculating in the past few weeks. “Typical. Supports a child molester,” one person recently commented on the picture. Another said, “Well that just nailed it I will never vote for Ted Cruz!!!!!! disgusting hanging out with a child molester!!!!”

Last spring, the Duggars endorsed their “good friend” Mike Huckabee for president, but they haven’t expressed their support for any candidate since Huckabee left the race. It’s a safe bet, though, that they would be in the Cruz camp, considering he takes the strictest stance against abortion and has been endorsed by Josh’s old employer. If that’s the case, they are probably doing the wise thing by steering clear of the campaign trail now that the Duggar name does more harm than good for a candidate’s reputation.

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