AUDIO Did Jake Pavelka cheat on fiancee Vienna Girardi? Interview with ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas

The Bachelor couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi seen leaving ABC studios together, showing a lot of PDA!

Everyone’s always raggin’ on Vienna Girardi for basically, being a misguided 23-year-old girl, but it turns out that Jake may be the one that’s not as pure as the freshly driven snow. Vienna may cheated on her ex-husband or Jake, or whoever, but it looks like Jake may have also cheated on her. If you can cheat on someone who’s basically just your your co-star w/ benefits.

Radaronline has published an article and interview with an ex-girlfriend of Jake’s, who says Jake isn’t who he claims to be on TV. The lady, who maybe the same lady we found posting on internet boards, says Jake called her up after he proposed to Vienna and told his ex he wanted to be with her. They didn’t have sex, but there were phone calls, a secret physical meeting, and he told her he loved her.

Here’s the teaser interview:

Steve Kramer of “That Guy Kramer” on WILN Island 106 in Panama City, Florida prefaces his interview with the mystery woman by saying it was an employee at the radio station who knew her and knew her story, which eventually led to the exclusive conversation. The full interview lasts well over two hours and reportedly goes into the woman’s relationship with Jake Pavelka in great detail, including actual proof to back up her story. (Probably in the form of saved email, text messages, or possibly voice messages) According to the station’s March 8 podcast, the extended interview will probably be aired Monday, March 15. (The release is reportedly being delayed to accommodate an article and interview in Star Magazine, due out the same day)

Kramer explains that the woman wants a large stage on which to tell her story and that he had guaranteed he would get that for her prior to airing the entire interview. My guess is that they have worked out a deal with Radar Online and the interview will be edited down and made available sooner rather than later.

This lady claims to have been played by Jake and is appalled that he would have asked Vienna to marry him if he didn’t mean it, saying that he was forced into popping the question by The Show. She’s really tired of Jake’s Bachelor games and is coming forward to “defend her honor.” There’s a hint in the teaser interview that Jake may have actually proposed to her at some point.

One of our researchers pointed out that there was a commenter for OK Magazine back in January that said Jake was involved with a woman named Tara Douglas from Marianna, Florida – which is right up the road from Panama City. Here’s the full comment:

Well in Marianna, FL it is pretty common knowledge that he has had a girlfriend the whole process and throughout The Bachelorette and is only doing the show for money. He has been involved with Tara Douglas for a long time and is still together with her. Dont look for him to pick anyone in the end. Just watch!! ABC is being made a FOOL!!!

Some sleuths on pointed out that Jake’s job as a pilot had him servicing multiple Florida cities, so the story was a little more feasible than it seemed initially. (Apparently he was servicing more than the cities! Hi-Ohhhh!)

UPDATE – ARGHGHGHHH!! RadarOnline has revealed the mystery girlfriend to be 25-year-old Tanya Douglas of Marianna, Florida! Darn you OK Magazine commenter! It wasn’t “Tara” it was “Tanya!!!!” (Wow – I wasted a large chunk of my afternoon looking into that.) Sooooooooooooo close.

We all knew this Jake-Vienna engagement was going to disintegrate like the hot and sexy fling that it was, but no one expected pretty-boy Jake to be the one to cause trouble. He’s got one of those disarming charming smiles that have probably gotten him out of way too many capers.

But who knows? Maybe Jake and Vienna won’t be through. They could still be holding out for a million-dollar payday from ABC with a televised wedding. There are worse jobs than marrying someone on a TV show. Like working retail, cleaning port-a-potties, being a pilot, etc . . .

UPDATE – WILN has begun releasing the interview! CLICK HERE to listen to Part One and/or read the full transcript!

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