Where to get a “Dennis Bracelet” like Chris Lambton gave Ali Fedotowsky

Chris Lambton gives Ali Fedotowsky a Dennis bracelet

In Turkey Chris Lambton gave The Bachelorette‘s Ali Fedotowsky a “Dennis bracelet” and explained that his mother had one and his sister wears more than one. As usual with the big-hearted Chris, the moment was sincere and emotional and you could tell Ali was genuinely touched by the gesture. Amazingly, Chris had held on to the gift for almost the entire run of the show and all over the globe before feeling comfortable enough to give it to Ali!

So where can you get one of these for yourself, other than getting REAL close with Chris Lambton?

The bracelets are made by Eden Hand Arts in E. Dennis, Massachusetts. They don’t actually refer to them as “Dennis bracelets” but “Cape Cod Screwball® bracelets.” From their website:

Dennis Bracelet like Chris Lambton gave Ali FedotowskyIn the beginning there was Eden.

A small part of the Garden lingers on Route 6A in Dennis. As in any garden you will find flowers, fruit, and insects.

Also at Eden, the well-known Eden® Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet, distinguished by its fit and simple elegant style. Designed by John Carey, it is still made on the premises by John’s son-in-law.

Of course, since this is Eden, Eve’s spirit is also found here. Noted for her unique Majolica, she fashioned pottery painted with motifs of friendly beasts and birds. Eve and J. C.’s daughter, Rachel Carey-Harper, is also a potter and current owner of the family business.

Come back to Eden,, where the serpent over the door is only a painted image, and admiration for our imagination is never forbidden.

No other jewelry maker is authorized to manufacture or sell the Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet! Please don’t be fooled by imitations. Beyond the ethical considerations they are often of questionable quality, fit and over-priced.

To prove authenticity we now have an Eden® tag on all our Cape Cod Screwball® bracelets. (Previous customers can purchase one for a nominal fee providing they have with them one of our originals.)

Eden is open from 10 AM to 5 PM, Wednesday through Saturday from June 30 through Saturday, September 4, after which we will be closed until mid-November. Please note that if there is a line late in the day you will not get in before we close for the day.

Eden Hand Arts is pretty old school, so it may not be as easy as it first appears to get your bracelet:

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 784, E. Dennis, MA 02641. Our phone number is 508-385-9708. We do not do business over the Internet.


We accept checks or cash. We do not accept credit or debit cards. We do not ship, nor do we accept mail orders.

Visit THEIR SITE now before the line gets too long!