Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s Tim Norman arrested on assault charge

Welcome To Sweetie Pie's Tim Norman charged with assault of former chef Horace Hodges

Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s star Tim Norman was arrested in Harris County, Texas last week for an assault charge stemming from an incident in April of last year in which he allegedly punched one of his chefs in the face over a paycheck dispute.

Tim Norman (real name James Tim Norman) was booked into Harris County Jail on August 23. He was released the same day after posting $500 bail. His arraignment is scheduled for August 30.

In case you missed it, the misdemeanor assault charge was from an altercation on April 16, 2017 with a Sweetie Pie’s chef named Horace Hodges. Here is the investigating officer’s testimony from the affidavit charging Tim with assault:

It was reported by Officer Rodriguez, N of the Houston Police Department, the Complainant, Horace Hodges was punched in the face by defendant Tim James Norman on 4/16/2017. At [Sweetie Pie’s former address] in Harris County, Texas. Mr. Hodges stated he knows Tim by name and sight as his boss and a famous character on the TV Show “Sweetie Pies.” Affiant began his investigation by calling the complainant, Horace, who stated he was talking to the defendant, Tim about paychecks for the other employees. Horace stated at this time it escalated to where Tim became angry and at one point punched him in the left eye causing pain, swelling and a black eye. I then spoke to Tim who stated he knew of the incident, but did not see what happen. I then called Jennifer Williams who was at the restaurant Sweetie Pies the day of the incident. Jennifer stated she did not see the assault, but Tim told her he punched Horace minutes after Horace left the location. Horace stated he wants to pursue charges in this assault case. The District Attorney’s Office was contacted and charges of assault were accepted against defendant Tim Norman.

Horace Hodges first filed a civil suit against Tim in June of last year, but he seemed to have great difficulty serving the reality star with the papers. (Click here for a detailed account of just how far servers went in their attempts to server Tim.) I assume that Tim was finally served while behind bars, but court records for the civil suit have not been updated to reflect that.

Here is Tim norman’s mug shot photo from his arrest last week, as well as a link to The Blast’s article:

Months after filing the civil suit and having difficulty reaching Tim, Horace filed criminal charges against Tim in April of this year. The District Attorney of Harris County, Texas formally charged Tim with misdemeanor assault on April 19.

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