We have proof they will re-give anyone a TV show, hint Montag and Pratt

Photo by: LVP/starmaxinc.com 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/13/10 Spencer Pratt and Heidi Mont

It is with a solemn heart and sober mind that I regret to inform you that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are prepared to unleash their own TV show about their “real lives” separate of “The Hills.”   There I said it and it wasn’t easy but we wanted you to hear it from us and not that friend of yours who will actually be excited.  Is ‘friend’ stretching it?

I think we all need a little theme music to get us through this story.  The only way we can survive is together:

Hollyscoop has the breaking news or in this case heartbreaking news of the fact that team Montag-Pratt will probably be getting their own reality TV show.  Not only is this the case but apparently they have been filming for a while now with seemingly endless amounts of footage to pick and choose from.

Strike One: This is the last season of The Hills, what else are they gonna do?

Strike Two: The source stated: “There is a ridiculous amount of material that they’ll be able to use.”

Strike Three: Their rep adds, “They have in fact been filming.”

And we’re outta there.  So what to make of Speidi getting their own show, well that’s hard to say but we would like to suggest some show-titles for whomever is ‘fortunate’ enough to produce this bad rascal:

Vanity Unfair
3 AM on Channel 742
Spence and Tag Plus Gag
Hey Babe You Need Help With That Burger?
Yo Blabba Blabba
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Partyin’ With Plastic and Pratt!

There is hope that no one will pick up the show.  Hey, Andy Dufresne had his Zihuatanejo so don’t step on my dreams.  I seriously doubt MTV will run with it after the two love birds considered  suing “The Hills” creator Adam Divello.  Sorry to disturb your day with this report.