Does Tim James know something we don’t about the importance of driving tests?

Tim James is a Republican candidate running for Governor in Alabama.  He has run a political ad that has become somewhat ‘viral’ over the last week in regards to driving exams and his feeling that they should be given in English.  As a matter of fact that is the only issue addressed in the ad.  Here is Mr. James laying out his plan for a better Alabama, or the state driving exam anyway.

Is it me or is James somehow always walking towards the camera?  Just in case his position wasn’t clear here is the transcript from the spot:

“I’m Tim James. Why do our politicians make us give Driver’s License exams in 12 languages? This is Alabama. We speak English. If you want to live here, learn it. We’re only givin’ that test in English if I’m governor. Maybe it’s the businessman in me, but we’ll save money, and it makes sense. Does it to you?”

Apparently the drivers exam issue is a big one in Alabama.  I actually don’t have much of a problem with his position, it would save money, but it’s just how sincere and intense and how ‘walking towards the camera’ he is about this one singular issue.  We all know that how the University of Alabama spring football practices are going is much more important anyways.  This ad is proof positive that actual substance has disappeared from the public discourse, and that goes for both sides of the fence.