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The Bachelorette has had a musical theme so far this season, featuring an intimate performance by Jamie Cullum for Ali Fedotowsky’s one-on-one date with Jesse Beck followed by last week’s video shoot for the Barenaked Ladies. This week Ali and the boys are in New York City and she chooses to take Cape Cod dapper dude Chris Lambton on a one-on-one date during which both are surprised by Ali’s favorite musician Joshua Radin!

Joshua Radin is a singer/songwriter from the Shaker Heights suburb of Cleveland, Ohio who went to Northwestern University to study drawing and painting, but changed his career course after actor Zach Braff heard his demo of the song “Winter” and included it on his show Scrubs. Soon, there was a big demand to hear more from Joshua so he decided to give being a professional musician a chance and put out his debut album, We Were Here, in 2006. Here’s “Winter” that launched Radin’s career:

He followed up his debut album with Simple Times in 2008, featuring guest appearances by Meiko and Patty Griffin and including the song “Brand New Day:”

Radin has just released an EP preview of his third album on iTunes called Songs Under A Streetlight including this song, titled “Streetlight:”

Allmusic Guide says “Radin plays the role of the quiet, romantic, sensitive guy, obsessed with his own heart and that which surrounds it, and does it all pretty convincingly.” I don’t know about Chris Lambton, but that sounds absolutely perfect for hopeless romantic Kasey Kahl, who perhaps took his own romanticism a step too far when he sneaks off from the house to get a tattoo on his wrist of a heart and a rose with a shield in front of them for Ali.

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