VIDEO TLC’s Escaping Alaska preview and details

Escaping Alaska TLC Show

Continuing in the same vein as Breaking Amish and Breaking The Faith, TLC is documenting the stories of five Eskimo youth looking to make different lives for themselves in the Lower 48.

From TLC: “The series chronicles the dramatic and emotional journey of Mary, Frank, Tamara, Qituvituag (also known as Q) and Nuala, as they embark on their high-stakes ‘escape’ from Alaska to explore the world outside their villages and small towns. Although they love their families and take pride in their heritage, they are yearning for more fulfilment and different experiences. Escaping Alaska captures their brave journey as they leave their sheltered lives behind.”

Escaping Alaksa - Leaving Home Mary

The five young people of Inuit, Inupiaq and Yupik descent risk their relationships with their families by moving to San Diego. According to TLC, leaving home like this considered a high form of betrayal among native Alaskans. To avoid hurting their loved ones, the individuals devised “unique cover stories” to explain why they needed to go to California.

Escaping Alaska - Treason - Nuala

“Cameras follow the cast as they struggle to adapt to the pressures of living together outside of their comfort zone, while also staying in contact with the families they have left back home,” explains the TLC press release. “As they explore dating, working and finding new ‘dream jobs and discovering themselves, they have to ultimately face the decision of whether to return to Alaska — if they are accepted back — or stay in the Lower 48 and leave home for good.”

Escaping Alaska premieres on TLC on Sunday, July 27, at 10/9c.

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