VIDEO Slow motion, science and a cute guy explain why cats land on their feet

In 99.9% of cases dogs way rule over cats. The other little percentage involves two things; feline videos totally dominate on these here interwebs and if you toss both in the air Fido will probably break something while Kitty will land on her feet and then walk away and ignore you because you just interrupted her 8th nap.

So why do cats always land on their feet? Here is a video put together by Smarter Every Day that uses slow motion and science to explore and explain:

And the video explained by a really smart dude:

High Speed video. Cats. Physics. Weightlessness. Of all my videos, if you don’t share this one, you probably never will. GiGi was not hurt during the making of this video. We took great care to make sure she would be safe. Next I’ll explain how the physics involved in flipping cats allow us to operate Space Telescopes (Seriously).

So as simple of a question as this is, it turns out to be a MAJOR POINT OF STUDY in Physics, Robotics, Space Satellite Control, Weapons Development, Biomedical Engineering, etc. It’s stumped scientists and engineers since Newton’s day. Here’s something interesting. The cat isn’t twisting his back.. he’s actually BENDING it. The next video will go into great detail about what’s going on there, and explain how it relates to studying the farthest points in the universe (Seriously… the fact that a cat can do this allows us to study the Universe.. no exaggeration).

There you have it or maybe like me you don’t totally have it but at least the video was cool.