VIDEO Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam star in unseen Nickelodeon SNL skit

SNL Zap Skit - Nickelodeon Show

Any 1990s kid with a good sense of humor is sure to appreciate the unseen skit from last weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

Starring Kenan Thompson and Taran Killam, actual former Nickelodeon actors, the sketch features a faux-exposé of Zap! — a fake show with a theme song nearly identical to PBS’ Zoom!

^ Theme song from the first season of Zoom!

The True Hollywood Story-like host explained the only reason the child stars were able to maintain such upbeat attitudes through 16-hour work days was because producers fed them “straight-up, bought-off-the-streets speed” or “Dirty Daddy’s Party Pills.”

As Zap! progressed, the kids became increasingly paranoid and strung-out — until Ep. 128 caused producers to intervene. Watch the Nickelodeon SNL skit to see it unfold…

The best part of the skit was seeing Kenan & Kel‘s Kenan and The Amanda Show‘s Taran revisit their roots… Even if it makes me rethink everything I used to watch.

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