VIDEO: Japanese baseball player makes Spider-Man catch

Masato Akamatsu may play his professional baseball over in Japan but that will not stop him from being inducted into the greatest catches of all time hall of fame.  In what is being called the “Spider-Man” grab, center fielder Akamatsu pulls off the most video game looking snag that wasn’t from a video game you’re likely to ever see.

Masato Akamatsu’s Spider-Man Grab:

That was not Japanimation or ninja mind tricks folks!  That was just honest-to-goodness great wall-scaling sports incredibleness!

Yokohoma’s Shuichi Murata was the poor guy on the wrong end of that snag.  He took the robbery with dignity as Akamatsu’s of the Toyo Carps smile said it all.  We tip our hats to you Mr. Akamatsu, the Spider-Man from the East!