VIDEO: Cuba Gooding Jr. drunken toast for America

Show me the money, and then show me the restroom please!  The often over-exuberant Cuba Gooding Jr. (see Oscar speech for reference) was at it again this time thanks to America’s favorite social lubricant, Al-K-Mehol.  In a bar top hollaring salute to America the ambassador of kwan gave everyone in the place a glimpse into the depths of his patriotic soul.

                                                  Are you feeling me Jerry?!?

Let me pound a few Colts and give a go at the transcription:

Show me the money!  We’re gonna represent in the next five years because you know what the best country in the mother fu****g world.  And that’s how we do it.

Put your drinks up!

May those who love us all over the world love us.  May those who don’t may God show them by the way of their…..  I want ya’ll to pay attention.  HEY FIREFIGHTERS, I want ya’ll to pay attention this is serious.

May those who love us Looooove us!  All over the world May those who don’t may God bless their hearts.  If He doesn’t bless their hearts may he turn their ankles so we know them by the way of their limp.

That’s what’s up.  DRINK IT UP AND MAY GOD BLESS THE USAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  Hit that beat Mike.

Patton meets Stonewall Jackson meets William Wallace meets the employees of the Carlsberg Brewery.  Yeah I don’t really get the ankles thing either man.