VIDEO Boar killin’ trailer for American Hoggers

Jerry Campbell

In the following trailer you get a good idea of the man you’re dealing with if you tune into the upcoming reality series American Hoggers on A&E. Jerry Dean Campbell is a retired Texas Ranger and has been, “hunting hogs since Moby Dick was a sardine.” At first glance you may get the impression that he’s a manufactured ideal of what a perfect Texan hog hunting legend would look and sound like but I’ve researched The Campbells and let me tell you hoss; he, his son Robert and his daughter Krystal are the real deal.

If you’re a hog and Jerry is in his jeep while Robert has the huntin’ dogs and Krystal is on horseback you might as well just give up because you’re as good as gone. If you already suffer from say Swamp People addiction or the like you may not want to watch this because you will have no choice but to tune in:

“The hunter, he’s a guy that thinks about hunting all the time. It’s his lifestyle. He’s not interested in chasing women or drinking whiskey he’s a hunter and that’s all he knows.” – Jerry Campbell

I’ve already profiled Krystal “Pistol” Campbell and let me tell you she ain’t just for the pretty wrapping as she says. She’s a pistol toting educated former cheerleader and a bona fide man’s man’s woman! In an episodes teaser the press release for the show indicated that we’ll see Jerry and his family help out a farmer, a scrap yard owner and even an airport official who’s being harassed by wild hogs on the runway!

Jerry Dean Campbell

I pulled a few choice screen caps from the trailer and in the near future I’m going to profile up Jerry and Robert but I just had to go with Krystal first (don’t tell Mr. Campbell).

American Hoggers Krystal "Pistol" Campbell

Krystal “Pistol” Campbell of American Hoggers

Robert Campbell

Robert Hunter Campbell of American Hoggers

Jerry Campbell of A&E's American Hoggers

Jerry Dean Campbell of American Hoggers

“You ever hear of hog heaven? Who do you think put em’ there?”

Post note: In the original press release A&E called Jerry a Texas Ranger, they have since changed the wording. You can get all the details on that here. The Texas Rangers are one of the most respected organizations in America so I certainly wanted to point this discrepancy out.