VIDEO Anderson Cooper loses it over his own potty jokes

During last night’s segment of Anderson Cooper’s Rediculist, a segment he uses to conclude his prime time hit Anderson 360, the host completely lost it pulling a Jimmy Fallon from the SNL days by giggling uncontrollably at his own toilet humor. His target was French actor Gerard Depardieu who has made unflattering headlines for having urinated, and not in the facilities, on an airplane.

The Rediculist is a vehicle for Cooper to show his less serious side but even in this format the buttoned down host keeps his cool. But for this clip he just can’t keep from laughing. Time for Cooper to lose his collective sh!t over pooper jokes!

He starts laughing even before he begins the segment and I think the best part is the clenched “I’m not going to lose it” face he’s making right when the clip begins. Don’t feel bad Coop, most of us love a little potty humor and I personally can’t trust those who don’t. I don’t blame you in fact Anderson, I blame Gerard’s snake on a (teehee) plane and its French (pbftfft hahaahaah) resistance to the harsh rules of the airline.

If you’re not a fan of Michael K and his great blog D-Listed I suggest you check out his take on this clip as he’s madly in love with his boo Cooper. How much you ask? Well he wants the following embedded surgically under his eyelids!

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