ABC’s ‘Wife Swap’: Watch Joey Fulco and The Fulco Family Band music videos

An aspiring music star family from Las Vegas, the Fulcos, are featured on the ABC show Wife Swap tonight, with the mother Vanessa trading her life for time with the Samel-Garloff, who value the earth and laid-back living about all else.

During the swap the father Joey Fulco exhibits some anger and control issues as he tries to get the earth-mother to assimilate to his family’s rigid pop-star training. The Fulcos are fixated on future fame and riches, and part of their path to stardom involves a website, and videos uploaded on Youtube.

Watch the videos and decide for yourself if the The Fuclo Family Band (kids Joei, Jesse, Stevie, and Tyler along with parents Vanessa and Joey)has a chance at being the next teeny-bopper sensation

Here’s the angry Joey Fulco staring in his very own music video for a song meant to be humorous called “Distrubed”: