VIDEO 2 Chainz and his crew getting robbed at gunpoint


Rapper 2 Chainz and his posse got robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco over the weekend and now video from the crazy moment has surfaced.

In the following surveillance footage taken from two different cameras, you see 2 Chainz and his crew casually making their way down the street on Sunday, when 2 men approach them with guns drawn. At that moment everyone scatters, hauling it down the street as the gunmen chase after them.

One of the robbers appears to actually be skipping with delight as he chases after his targets. 2 Chainz bobs around a parked car, slips and one of the armed men is seen pouncing and then hovering over the rapper with his gun still pulled.

The police indicated that 2 Chainz had his cell and wallet lifted in the robbery although he took to Twitter and seemed to deny that all of this took place. At the end of the clip you see one of the two men running away with what appears to be the booty tucked under his shirt.


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