Toni Braxton home after hospital stay for Lupus scare, Birdman rushes to her side

Toni Braxton Lupus hospitalization

Toni Braxton suffered a recent health scare that had both fans and her boyfriend Birdman very concerned. News of Toni’s hospitalization broke after her sister Tamar Braxton posted a video to Instagram. At that point, she’d already been released and is reportedly resting at home.

“I absolutely HATE when she is sick.. But to God be the Glory!! T, You are home SAFE and We can make you smile even when you’re faking like you feel well enough to laugh at the joke#LUPUSSUCKS shout out to all Lupus superwomen and men who knows what that’s like,” Tamar wrote in the caption for the video.

When Birdman learned that Toni Braxton had been hospitalized, it was reported that he immediately cut his tour with Jaquees short and flew to be by her side. The New Orleans record producer/rapper was in New York when he learned of Toni’s condition. The pair has been romantically linked since May when Birdman and Toni Braxton were photographed backstage after she performed in Brooklyn.

Initially thought to be in Atlanta, it turns out that Toni spent several days hospitalized in Los Angeles, as confirmed by her rep to the Associated Press. Maureen O’Conner also confirmed that Toni needed treatment for Lupus but that she was not in serious condition as had been reported. She is expected to start rehearsals for an upcoming tour this week.

It’s not clear yet if Toni will be forced to cancel or reschedule any of her planned concerts. She has an October 8 show at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA on her schedule. Toni’s Lupus diagnosis was revealed to fans back in 2010. Fans are hoping for a quick recovery for the most famous Braxton.

[Top photo: Instagram]

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