Is Teen Mom’s Butch Baltierra still in prison or is he out?

Butch Baltierra mug shot photo from arrest

On this season of Teen Mom OG, Tyler Baltierra talked about how his dad Butch Baltierra actually made for a great roommate and even went so far as to say that he and Catelynn were considering letting him crash with them again when he got out of prison. So has that happened already? Is Butch still in prison or is he a free man once again?

According to online records Butch is still in prison and currently being held at the Macomb Correctional Facility in New Haven, Michigan. His “earliest release date” is listed as May 30, 2008. I don’t know a lot about prison sentences (although being a celebrity blogger has taught me a little bit), so I’m not sure if that date includes the potential of an early release or not.

On the other end of the spectrum, Butch’s “maximum discharge date” is listed as July 25, 2026. Ouch.

The Butch Baltierra mug shot photo above is his most recent. Click here, here and here to see a few of his booking photos from previous arrests.

Teen Mom Tyler's dad Butch Baltierra

Despite being behind bars, that hasn’t stopped Butch from appearing on the current season of Teen Mom OG! He has been featured on the phone, and he used the opportunity to show that he is well aware of what is going on in the Teen Momiverse by cracking a joke about Farrah Abraham. After Tyler suggested that he find a job when he got out of prison, Butch said, “I can’t find no work. I’ll have to go into the porn industry. Get ahold of Farrah to help me get into the porn business.”

In the episode, Catelynn’s brother Nicholas (Nick) receives a hand-drawn comic from Butch in the mail. Butch explains that someone else in prison drew it and that he traded bags of potato chips for it. “You can’t buy nothing like that at no Walmart store!” Butch said on the phone.

Although you can’t keep up with the real Butch Baltierra on social media, you can keep up with him in spirit by following the @ButchDaMan parody Twitter account. You can also keep up with Butch (with a few month’s delay, and not a lot of video footage) every Monday night with new episodes of Teen Mom OG at 10/9c on MTV.

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