Tara Reid claims she was nearly blinded during bar attack

Tara Reid - Maryam Hassan

A London court listened this week as American Pie‘s Tara Reid recounted the November 2012 bar fight that nearly blinded her.

“She went crazy, she went psycho like Naomi Campbell,” Tara said of her alleged attacker, British model Maryam Hassan. (Maryam Hassan is not to be confused with Maryam Aishah Hassan, the young star from School of Rock.)

According to the court records provided by Court News UK, Tara was celebrating her 37th birthday in a London nightclub on Nov. 8, 2012 when Maryam picked a fight.

“I noticed a female who kept approaching the table a few times… She came up to me and threw the contents of her drink over my chest. I reacted immediately and threw my drink over her,” Tara said this week, reading the official statement she provided police. “It was so quick, she stood close to me within arms’ length, and smashed the glass in my face.”

Tara told the court she couldn’t open her eyes after the incident. Fearing she would be blinded, Tara was rushed to the hospital and treated for a corneal abrasion. She later consulted with a plastic surgeon, but it’s unclear whether any procedures were necessary.

Despite the accusations against Maryam, which included racially abusing the security guard who kicked her out of the club, she was cleared by the Southwark Crown Court.

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