SPOILER Did 90 Day Fiance’s Jason and Cassia get married?

90 Day Fiance Jason and Cassia Halloween

TLC is just about to wrap up Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance and perhaps the biggest question still looming heading into the finale is: Do Jason and Cassia get married or not?

In case you needed a refresher, Jason is the eBay seller from Illinois living with his Swiffer-loving pops Ron in Florida who is dating the much younger and “fiery” Cassia from Brazil. When we saw them last week the couple was in Las Vegas to get married, but Jason was realizing what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas as viewers watched him get quite drunk and quite jackassy. (Thankfully there were no “prostits” involved.) In contrast, Cassia’s emotional roller coaster took a HUGE dip as she openly wept over Jason’s behavior.

So were Jason’s antics enough to change Cassia’s mind about getting married? Or did the couple follow through on their Vegas wedding?

Let’s stare at Cassia working out in front of THE El Camino while we ponder that question…

90 Day Fiance Cassia Tavares

The answer appears to be yes and no. No, the couple did not follow through with their Las Vegas wedding. BUT they did wind up tying the knot — in Florida!

Here is a copy of their official marriage record from Hernando County, Florida in which you can see that Jason Wade Hitch married Rita De Cassia Ferreira Tavares De Oliveira were married on October 13, 2014 in Spring Hill, Florida:

90 Day Fiance Jason Cassia marriage record license - click to enlarge

If you read down at the bottom you will notice the service was conducted by none other than Pops Ron! Or should I say Ronald James Hitch, ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.

Cue: emotional Ron, Cassia, Jason and El Camino flashback…

90 Day Fiance Ron Cassia Jason El Camino

Congratulations to Jason and Cassia! (These two are absolutely hilarious and a big reason why the show had such a successful sophomore season.)

UPDATE – If you watched the 90 Day Fiance Season 2 finale and you’re wondering why Cassia and Jason apparently got married in Las Vegas and Florida, we have the answer for you here!

If you can’t get enough of Jason and Cassia via TLC, be sure to follow them on Twitter (you won’t regret it):

Cassia Tavares on Twitter: @Cassia__Tavares
Jason Hitch on Twitter: @hitch4life

Also, be sure to check out Cassia’s website! brazilandamerica.wordpress.com

To wrap this post up, let’s all enjoy a little twitchin’ McHitch, shall we?

Curious about the fate of the other couples from Season 2? See our posts on Danielle and Mohamed, Chelsea and Yamir, and Danny and Amy. The Season finale of 90 Day Fiance Season 2 airs Sunday, December 21 at 9/8c!

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