Pop star Cody Simpson graduates high school as valedictorian

Cody Simpson High School Graduation

Just weeks after finishing his run on Dancing With the Stars, Australian-born pop star Cody Simpson graduated from his Georgia high school at the top of the class.

As valedictorian, Cody gave a short commencement speech for family, friends and other members of the Atlanta Country Day School graduating class. He shared two parts of the speech on Instagram: here and here.

“Something I’ve learned through a lot of experiences of mine is that it’s possible to finish high school amidst having a very busy schedule and amidst working relentlessly toward chasing my wildest dreams… It’s what’s in here that’s going to get you the furthest,” the 17-year-old said, gesturing toward his head. “Regardless of any kind of wealth or looks or material possessions or anything, it’s always in here that’s going to get you the furthest. Intelligence is the sexiest thing in the entire world.”

Cody Simpson - Atlanta Country Day School

After accepting his diploma, the Surfboard singer made a quick turnaround and performed in Baton Rouge. He then flew to Europe to continue his concert tour. Considering he was just as busy for most of his high school career, the Atlanta Day School seemed to be a great fit: The small program is designed for “creative students who do well in a supportive environment that celebrates their talents.”

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