Who is Dallas pilot Jake Pavelka, a.k.a. Jake Landrum? Unearthed photos of ABC’s 2010 Bachelor

Jake Bachelor

Was Ali’s walk-out planned?

Jake Pavelka is about to soar into the hearts of 25 women tonight before our eyes, but who is this guy?

Before Pavelka “got his heart broken” by Jillian Harris on Season 5 of The Bachelorette, he was a pilot from Dallas, and a kinda, sort-of former actor (stage name Jake Landrum.) If you cruise over to imdb, you’ll find only one credit to his acting career under that soap opera name: The President’s Man, which is actually pretty awesome because it stars Chuck Norris and features some of the best poster art ever designed:

Chuck Norris The President's Man

After Harris rejected Pavelka, scores of other American women sent in love notes to ABC saying that they wanted to divorce their husbands and would give away their children and/or toy dogs just for a chance to dress up in a discounted pageant gown and drink champagne with him. Pavelka is classically cute, he’s got a symmetrical face with dimples, blue eyes, blond hair, and a buff bod. Thankfully for ABC he also has the ability to rattle off romance cliches at a breathtaking pace without once cracking a smile. A gem from tonight’s episode: “Love’s more powerful than flying.”

Yes, Jake, yes it is, or should we call you Jacob? It turns out Jake is a nickname (shocking) for, wait for it, Jacob. One of the pilot’s Dallas neighbors sent in a rumor to Astrochicks that Jacob Pavelka was actually married during the taping of The Bachelorette, but they didn’t seem to have much evidence to back up that accusation.

Below are some myspace pics of Jake from 2005 with his ex-wife?



UPDATE – Still Jake curious? Here’s all kinds of facts from the super sleuths over at fansofrealitytv.com:

Jacob Lynn Pavelka

Age: 31

Attended but did not graduate from the University of North Texas in his hometown of Denton

Lives in a master planned community near D-FW Airport

Owns a small (1600 sf) 3 bedroom home purchased in 2007. Before that, he lived mostly with his parents.

Works for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (handles short commuter flights for Delta, also known as the Delta Connection)

Has been with ASA for 9 years with the hope of hiring on with a major airline, which is virtually impossible in this economy.

Jake did not gain his flight experience in the military; he attended flight schools to get his certifications.

Is part owner of a town car, limousine, and party bus company known as Primestar.

Until recently, he handled bookings and sometimes drove the cars and buses. His partners funded the business.

Jake tried to break into acting about 10 years ago – under the name of Jake Landrum. He appeared briefly on one episode of Walker Texas Ranger, and had a bit part in an obscure movie. That was it until he decided to take a shot at reality TV.

His father, James (age 62) is a dentist in Denton. His mother is Sallie (age 55). They live in a 3 bedroom, 2400 sf house.

Jake has an older brother, Jason (38) and a younger brother Matthew (30).

I believe that one of them lives with him or has recently lived with him.

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