PHOTOS VIDEO Ciara as Storm from the X-Men

Ciara as Storm

Is there anything better than sexy celebrity Halloween costumes?!? They’re fun without being vulgar (usually) and as much as some folks complain they’re usually no more revealing than a bikini. Plus, we get all the glory of seeing our favorite ladies in hot superhero costumes without having to shell out $10 and worry about how bad the writing and/or acting is gonna be. (Halle Berry is great as Storm, but she should have just dressed up as Cat Woman for Halloween one year and let that be that.)

Case in point (and speaking of Storm): I have no desire to see Ciara in Storm: the movie but I have a whole lot of desire to see Ciara in Storm: the costume! And being the generous soul that she is, Ciara delivered that very gift to the world last night at her 25th birthday bash held at Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas!

Ciara as Storm with her 25th birthday cake

The scrumptious singer poured her Ciaratude into a tight black leather Storm costume (complete with a blond wig and matching contact lenses) and put on quite a show for those in attendance!

Ciara in a sexy Storm costume made out of black leather

Ciara performs in a Storm costume at her 25th birthday bash in Las Vegas

Ciara wasn’t the only one bringing the sexxxy though as her pal Lala Vazquez busted out (in more ways than one!) with a sexy nurse costume:

Ciara as Storm and Lala Vazquez as a sexy nurse

Here are a couple videos of Ciara arriving on the red carpet – the first is just Ciara and the second features her and Lala being playful for the cameras:

And more photos of the Stormtacular Ciara to finish things off!

Ciara strikes a pose wearing her Storm costume of black leather

Ciara sings for the Haze nightclub crowd while wearing a Storm Halloween costume

Ciara pretends to take a bite out of her 25th birthday cake

Ciara and pal Lala Vazquez in sexy Halloween costumes

Storm costume designed by Altuzarra