PHOTOS Taylor Swift wins the Internet with self-referential ‘no its Becky’ shirt

Taylor Swift - No Its Becky Shirt - Tumblr

On Wednesday night, someone looking remarkably similar to Taylor Swift attracted the attention of paparazzi in New York City. But, apparently, it wasn’t Taylor. It was her Tumblr-twin, Becky.

Just kidding, of course. (Probably.) That’s the actual Taylor Swift and her shirt is an awesome reference to a classic Tumblr post about the dangers of drugs.

No Its Becky Original Tumblr Post

Just as with the original “no its Becky” post, the internet absolutely loved Taylor’s fashion statement.

Taylor later admitted on her own Tumblr that she likes the shirt so much she’s considering swapping the planned 1989 album cover to feature the top picture. It sounds like the Internet would approve!

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