PHOTOS Scrubbing In’s Tyrice Munson as Miss SUSLA 2003

Scrubbing In's Nurse Tyrese Munson as Miss Southern University Shreveport 2013

Tonight at 10/9c is the series premiere of MTV’s Scrubbing In which documents the lives of nine traveling nurses living and working in Orange County, California for twelve weeks. In honor of the fact that the premiere is on a Thursday, I figured I would pick one of the cast members and honor him or her with an internet tradition: Throwback Thursday!

The honoree is 29-year-old Tyrice Munson, originally from Louisiana where she attended college for nursing at Southern University in Shreveport. In addition to studying nursing, Tyrice was also a member of the cheerleading squad, the Elite Club, the African American Society and Student Support Services. Oh, and did I mention she was crowned Miss SUSLA 2012! You can see her in full regalia, including crown, sash and wand, above.

Tyrice also shared this photo on instagram recently along with the chiding words, “MY CROWN IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!!”

Scrubbing In Tyrice Munson throwback photo

The Jaguar Speaks student newspaper wrote on Tyrice’s coronation at the time:

The breathtaking, awe-inspiring coronation of Miss SUSLA, Tyrice Lyneice Munson took place on the warm of October 23, 2003. This year’s theme was “A Rose For All Seasons” and the array of festivities included story telling and musical performances … A special touch to the coronation was revealed when Miss SUSLA thrilled all who were in attendance. She magically emerged from a beautiful rose onto the colorful and eye-inviting scenery … The coronation was extravagant, fun-filled, breathtaking and sensational. It was truly beyond one’s wildest imagination.

That sounds AMAZING! (Actually, it sounds a little too amazing to be honest!) Here are a few more photos of Miss SUSLA Tyrice:

Tyrice Munson Miss SUSLA Southern University Shreveport 2003

And here is how Tyrice was described in the paper:

Tyrice Lyneice Munson is 19 years of age. She is the beautiful daughter of Marva Gafford and Rev. Tyrone Munson. She is a sophomore nursing major with a 3.2 grade point average. Miss Southern is an active participant in many clubs and organizations. She is a member of the Elite Club, African American Society, Student Support Services, and is a Jaguar Cheerleader.

This talented queen has hobbies that include singing, dancing, cheering, reading, and learning new activities. During her reign as Miss Southern, she plans to visit different elementary schools and speak to students concerning the importance of taking care of the body and getting regular check-ups.

All I can say is… BUSTED! Tyrice Leneice! 😉

Tyrice recently (Tyrecently?) posted a photo on Facebook after dusting off her crown and sash for what appears to be a Miss Southern University (which has multiple campuses) reunion event of some kind in which Tyrice and the other ladies show they still got it:

Scrubbing In Nurse Tyrice Munsons Miss Southern University Louisiana reunion

Can you imagine what that catch up conversation was like? “So what are you doing Tyrice? You still a nurse?” ” Yep, still nursing. Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m starring in a brand new reality show on MTV. You should check it out.”

I have to confess that perhaps second only to the abtacular Adrian Martin, Tyrice is the Scrubbing In cast member I’m most excited to meet tonight, and that’s because she is an absolute blast on social media! Enthusiastic, good-spirited, and very prolific! Be sure to keep up with all things “Nurse Tyrice” at these links:

Scrubbing In‘s Nurse Tyrice Munson Facebook fan page
Nurse Tyrice on Twitter: @TyriceMunson
Nurse Tyrice on instagram: @NurseTyrice

Scrubbing In airs Thursday nights at 10/9c (Jersey Shore‘s old spot y’all!) on MTV.

And just so you don’t get confused, here’s what Nurse Tyrice will look like on screen, at least when she’s wearing scrubs and not rocking a tiny bikini!

Scrubbing In nurse Tyrice

Photos: Jaguar Talk/ instagram /MTV (Colin Young Wolf)

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