PHOTOS Paris Hilton transforms for V magazine

Paris Hilton transforms with bangs

The longer I’m in this line of work the more I appreciate Paris Hilton. You can file this under the idea of not hating the player but hating the game. She’s kind of the godmother of famous for being famous celebrities but it’s as if she’s always had an appreciation for exactly what it’s about. Image,fun, and cashing in.

V magazine has released their “Transformations” issue and Paris takes the concept fashion-wise to the extreme as she is borderline unrecognizable with bangs while looking fierce. It’s a great photo spread and an interesting write-up too. It’s explained that Paris has two distinct voices, the one that is all public that has coined the phrases, “That’s hot” and “Loves it” and the one who discusses figures, promotions and scandals.

This dichotomy is what has given Paris her extended stay in the spotlight I believe. She told V that:

“There’s a lot that goes into this. It didn’t just happen. I’ve worked for fifteen years.”

Paris Hilton's fierce V look

In a fascinating reveal Paris explains that her public persona was a partial creation that came as a suggestion from the producers of her show The Simple Life. They told her to become a character that would resemble Green Acres meets Clueless and she kept the vibe because as she explains she was shy and could hide behind that persona.

Paris is in her 30’s now and I don;t see her fading away anytime soon. That alone proves there is more to Paris than meets the eye. Check out the great full photo gallery and article via V here.

Paris Hilton from her V magazine spread

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