PHOTOS Paris Hilton returns to the US… and to the 1970s

Paris Hilton photo

Paris Hilton has wrapped up her month-long globe-trotting adventure to eleven different countries and is now safely back home in her natural habitat – Beverly Hills! Ms. Hilton was spotted earlier today paying a visit to the Portofino Sun Center in Beverly Hills and looked like she just stepped off the cover of a 1971 issue of Vogue – and I mean that in a good great way!

Paris Hilton is stunning on the streets of Beverly Hills

From the long-sleeved knit/mesh top to her famous over-sized sunglasses to her pulled-back hair and headband Paris was downright Twiggyriffic! Even if you aren’t a fan of Paris’ you have to admit this gal knows how to pose for a photo! Of course, the ’70s vibe got a little lost as you pan down to see some rather modern jeans and a killer pair of nude high heels. Oh, and of course the cell phone.

Paris Hilton walking in Beverly Hills after her return from Bali

Being back in Beverly Hills must have been quite soothing for our favorite hotel heiress, who had just returned from the Indonesian island of Bali where she visited two orphanages. Paris shared a couple photos and a lot of tweets about her time with the kids:

Paris Hilton visits an orphangage in Bali

Paris Hilton tweets about her visits to two different orphanages in Bali

Paris Hilton sits with an orphan in Bali

In addition to spending time with these children, Paris also found some time to show off her bikini body, feed some monkeys, and even found time to pop in on her Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories store in Indonesia! (What’s that? You didn’t realize Paris is an international business mogul?) (I guess I should contact Coleman-Rayner about getting the rights to those bikini pics! Wowza!)

As much fun as I’m sure Paris had on her recent trip, the world seems more right knowing Beverly Hills’ spokesmodel is back home where she belongs. Welcome back, Paris!

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