PHOTOS Lady Gaga flips birds, flashes booty, remains Bornthiswaytrulescent at LAX

Lady Gaga shooting the bird with both middle fingers at LAX

Lady Gaga put on a clinic for aspiring celebrities as she demonstrated almost every move from the “How to arrive at LAX Handbook” earlier today. The Born This Way singer managed to flip both middle fingers, suffer a “wardrobe malfunction,” and give a cheerful two thumbs up to fans – all while walking from the terminal to her car! The only things she didn’t manage to do was kiss a mystery man (or woman) and get in a fight with a photographer!

It’s Bagagadonk time y’all!

Lady Gaga flashes her butt while arriving at LAX

(And for all the nitpickers out there, no that isn’t actually a wardrobe “malfunction” because it is functioning just as LG intended. That being said, her thonged Gagadonkadonk is hanging out in a public place.)

As usual, the Mother Monster departed on a positive note as she demonstrated the extreme variance in messages that can be achieved depending on which digits are extended:

Lady Gaga gives the thumbs up while departing LAX

Photos: Brewer / Sharky / Splash News