Kyle Richards family vacation photos. Should they replace The Kardashians?

Kyle Richards family vacation photo

Move over Kardashians, make way for Keeping Up With The Richards!

No, Kyle Richards isn’t actually getting her own spin-off series, although she did reveal to the AP that she recently sold a pilot for a sitcom based on her life. It’s just that since the Kardashian family seems to be locked in a downward spiral of popularity, there should be another California girl power family to take their place, right? And what better choice than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards with her “Sexiest Real Housewives Husband” Maricio Umansky and four lovely daughters, three of which are every bit the beautiful brunettes (if not more) than the Kardashian sisters, and the other is little Portia, whose curly-headed cuteness is simply incomparable?

Don’t believe me? Then check out these photos recently shared by Kyle on her Facebook page from their recent family vacation to Mexico! Above is the entire family in their beachwear best, including (from left to right) Mauricio Umansky, Sophia, Farrah, Alexia, Portia, and Kyle Richards. (Click photos to enlarge) And here are Mauricio and Portia looking like a scene from a Lifetime movie with a happy ending:

Mauricio Umansky with daughter Portia Umansky

And here are the new and improved Kardashian sisters!

Kyle Richards' Sophia, Farrah and Alexia

Just in case you were wondering, here’s what the Richards gals look like when they’re not in bikinis:

The daughters of Kyle Richards Sophia, Alexia and Farrah
^ Kyle Richards’ daughters (from l to r) Sophia, Alexia and Farrah

Ah, but once again the belle of the Richards’ ball was little Portia Umansky, who posed for a number of priceless beach shots:

Portia Umansky beach photo
Portia Umansky
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Portia umansky
Portia Umansky Kyle Richards' daughter

Thanks once more to Kyle Richards for sharing these with her fans. Even if Keeping Up With The Richards doesn’t get a green light, I still look forward to keeping up with the family through The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Want to know even more about Kyle Richards and her family? Be sure to pick up her new book, Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All!)