PHOTOS John Fogerty ‘jogs’ through the concrete jungle

John Fogerty from a jog on Mulholland Drive on 4.27.11

One thing immediately jumped out at me when I saw these awesome photos of rock legend John Fogerty jogging on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.  The man who had arguably the greatest 2-3 year songwriting run in popular music history was wearing headphones.  The reason this was important to me is that I wondered what the heck are you gonna run to if you’re the dude who sang and wrote all the Creedence Clearwater Revival hits!?!

The Dude from The Big Lebowski knew there’s nothing like a little CCR when driving around and the same goes for jogging.  I mean “Bad Moon Rising” at least has to be in your shuffle right?  Most artists don’t get off on listening to their own stuff so I guess Fogerty just decided he’d tolerate himself a little because a run without his songs ain’t worth the running.  That’s how I feel anyways.

But, as you can see, Fogerty did not forget his colorful bandana and bright yellow shorts.  Mulholland Dr. is dangerous enough behind the wheel and I bet those shorts work great so any car coming “Up Around the Bend” can see you as you “Run Through the Jungle.”  Let that be a lesson for you young rockers “Playing In a Traveling Band” and feeling like a “Fortunate Son” you better be ready to stay in shape.  Fogerty (65) looks great but even an in shape living legend has to take a breather:

John Fogerty from a jog on Mulholland Drive on 4.27.11

Bruce Springsteen called Fogerty the Hank Williams of his generation and for good reason.  He’s gone on to a long and fruitful solo career and after an extended and painful falling out over rights to his songs he’s revisited all those amazing hits that are unforgettable from the Creedence catalog.  Dude wrote “Proud Mary” for goodness sake.  In addition, his guitar riffs from those mega-hits are some of the best and most identifiable ever recorded.  CCR’s most well known greatest hits package (there’s a bunch of ’em) Chronicles Vol. 1 is 8x certified platinum and is in the argument for THE greatest “greatest hits” release in rock history.

I’ll quit selling the awesomeness of John Fogerty and let this performance of a personal favorite “Born On the Bayou” do the talking:

And just to show he’s still got it here is a recent video for the song “When Will I Be Loved” (that Bruce guy guests on it) from his killer release The Blue Ridge Rangers Ride Again:

Photos: Splashnews