PHOTO Jonah Hill gun texting from 21 Jump Street set

Jonah Hill with gun while texting on the set of 21 Jump Street

I love me some Jonah Hill and I’m digging his new slimmed down look that he’s sporting for the upcoming film “21 Jump Street.”

The above photo was taken by co-star Channing Tatum and tweeted out by Hill who co-wrote the script along with Michael Bacall.  Anytime you’re texting and gun-toting while rocking a prom mistake white tuxedo and Vans you get my respect.

Johnny Depp recently made headlines by confirming that he’s making a cameo appearance in the film that’s a sort-of look back filmified version of the TV drama crime show that made him famous.  Depp has spent the rest of his career successfully separating himself from the hunky teen image of the show so it bodes well for the movie that he’d want to participate.

If you’re wondering or are worried that your dreamy long-ago crush role of street-smart undercover cop Tom Hanson (originally portrayed by Depp) is being played by Hill fear not.  While there will never be another T.H. quite like Depp it was the above picture taker Channing Tatum that will be reprising the role.  This guy:

Channing tatum of 21 Jump Street

The film is set for a March 16th, 2012 release.

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