PHOTOS Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra reunite with daughter Carly

Brandon and Teresa

^Tyler, Beth, Graham, Brandon, Carly, Catelynn, and Teresa from their visit in November of 2013

This was a momentous weekend for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The couple, along with their adoption counselor Dawn Baker, traveled to North Carolina to visit their daughter Carly.

Carly is now five years old and is a big sister to brother Graham. Graham’s birth mother Beth also joined Catelynn, Tyler, and Dawn for the visit. Here’s is a picture of them in the Detroit airport anxiously awaiting their flight to NC.


During their time in North Carolina, Carly’s adoptive parents gave Catelynn and Tyler a memorable gift for their baby who is due early next year: two of Carly’s baby outfits along with her first baby doll.

Carly's Clothes

Catelynn had this to say of Brandon and Teresa’s sentimental present:

“The BEST gift for our new little girl was from Brandon and Teresa… Carlys first baby doll and two outfits she wore as a baby… I about balled and this is the most precious thing to me now…. for our daughter to have some of Carlys things are beyond amazing and touching… something I will never forget…”

Unfortunately, no pics of Carly have been posted, but Dawn posted this picture with the caption, “Fun day of MTV filming in North Carolina.”

Ty Dawn Cate

Fingers crossed we will get to see this visit when Teen Mom returns next year!