PHOTO See who Sarah Paulson is playing on American Horror Story Freak Show

Sarah Paulson - Bette and Dot - American Horror Story Freak Show

Sarah Paulson wasn’t lying when she said Ryan Murphy is asking her to push her physical limits in American Horror Story Freak Show. She’s actually taking on two characters — with just one body!

She shared the top picture of her characters today. She added, “So excited to be playing Bette AND Dot this season. Two heads are better than one! #AHSFREAKSHOW”

Sarah’s announcement lends itself to our theory about a Hilton Sisters-esque storyline. (Coincidentally, the picture of Bette and Dot is quite similar to the one we created of AHS creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy.) The real-life conjoined twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, appeared in 1932’s Freaks before starring in Chained For Life in 1951.

Chained for Life - Hilton Sisters Movie

The “exploitation film” was about the difficulties of relationships when you are physically attached to someone else. Sarah mentioned Ryan does a great job at exploring the intricacies of the female heart, so I bet the Bette and Dot will have some unrequited love worked into their story.

As for Daisy and Violet, after touring the country for most of their lives, they were abandoned at a North Carolina drive-in by their manager in 1961. They reportedly lived the rest of their lives in desolation before dying in 1969… So, good luck to Bette and Dot.

American Horror Story Freak Show premieres on FX in October.

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