PHOTO Pete Wentz ‘tames the mane’

Pete Wentz and his post Ashlee Simpson haircut

It was Shakespeare who wrote:

“A new hair cut doth not a douchebag unmake.”

Actually I wrote that just now after seeing musician Pete Wentz’s new do posted via his Twitter account.  The bassist from the band Fall Out Boy has cut his famous rocker hair for a more streamlined “take that ex-wife Ashlee Simpson” look.  I have to admit the cut looks good on Wentz!

As is required by blogger law, here is a side-by-side-by-side image of that emo kid from next door Pete, rocker Pete and regular guy Pete:

side-by-side-by-side of Pete Wentz's hair
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For all you cross-over sports / celebrity gossip fans that’s what we call a 3-Pete!  What do you think of Wentz’s new cut folks?