PHOTO Argentine striker Lionel Messi vomits in the middle of the World Cup final

Argentine striker Lionel Messi is best-known for being a transcendent talent, capable of striking fear into the hearts of defenders the world over.

In Sunday’s World Cup final against Germany, however, Messi captured attention for a different reason: namely, the loss of his lunch.


Photo credit: Getty Images.

Photo credit: Getty Images.


Messi chucked up during a spirited first half, one that saw the Argentinians use stout defense and a flurry of attacks to stymie any Teutonic onslaught.

But, as the Associated Press reported, this sort of thing is not uncommon for the global superstar;  despite medical tests and curious doctors, no one has been able to pinpoint the cause of Messi’s expulsions.

He’s well-known for mid-game vomiting, having done it before during Argentina’s matches. And it’s become a regular occurrence during games with club team Barcelona, as well.

Unfortunately, the display wasn’t the low point of the evening, as Germany went on to win the World Cup with their 1-0 victory. This was the third straight Cup in which Germany has knocked out Argentina.

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