NeNe Leakes doesn’t want you running for political office if you attend her wedding

I Dream of NeNe Leakes spin-off show on Bravo

There’s been a confidential leak for NeNe Leakes’ wedding confidentiality agreement.

The keeps it real, Real Housewives of Atlanta star is set to go with her second marriage to Gregg Leakes this weekend at the Intercontinental Hotel. Folks lucky enough to be invited to the filmed event for I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding Special are being required to sign off on a confidentiality agreement that looks to tamp down much of the drama that usually happens on the show.

Radar obtained a copy of the form and it has some rather interesting line-items as these types of things often do. Here’s some of the random requirements one must agree to or else face a stiff $50,000 fine (for each infraction):

• Attendees “will not be under the influence of any medication or drugs that might impair my physical or mental ability to engage in the Activity or that might impair my judgment while engaging in the Activity.”

• Guests must declare that “I represent that I am in good health and have no medical, physical, or emotional condition that might interfere with my engaging in the Activity.”

• One also must “not currently and during one (1) year from today do not intend to be a candidate for public office.”

So much for those ATL politicians looking to nail down the Leakes wedding constituency… And if you’re thinking about dropping some payola to get more air-time, or believe that you’re entitled to compensation for making the scene, forget about it.

• “I represent and warrant that I gave nothing of value nor did I agree to give anything of value to anyone so I could be in the program.”

To sum this up — If you’re a sloshed politician in poor health running for office that pays to get a little face time it could end up costing you $200,000.

Gregg and NeNe were married for 14 years until they divorced in September of 2011. The two lovebirds started getting that old-time feeling back and Gregg proposed on New Year’s Eve with a 15 carat diamond ring.

And so it goes for the summer of Real Housewives actually becoming real housewives!

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