Mugshot Photo – Stephanie Pratt gets arrested for drunk driving after leaving Holly Montag’s party


According to PopEater, Stephanie Pratt was arrested at 3:45 a.m. Sunday (about the same time Oregon police were searching the Heene residence) for driving drunk after sister-in-law Holly Montag’s 26th birthday party. Police were staked outside the club she left, ready to bust the young reality actress, a source reports to TMZ.

A fight reportedly broke out while the police where cuffing Stephanie, but no one else got arrested. She was taken into custody and released at 10 a.m. after posting $5,000 bail.

Stephanie Pratt has seen her share of troubles. For starters, her brother is a major tampon stick, but she’s also had previous brushes with the law. In 2006 she had landed a sweet job on the set of Lost in Hawaii. Most people would kill for a job like that, but Pratt put it all in jeopardy by turning her purse into a pharmacy, and shoplifting. She eventually got busted with her friend for trying to steal $1,600 from Neiman Marcus. The cops then discovered the likes of heroin and marijuana in her purse.

She’s since been open about her struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and bulimia, which she developed on the set of the Hills.

Here’s her mugshot from 2006. Her latest mugshot will be updated when it’s released.


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