Move over Big Papa, Big Mama’s here: Kim Zolciak is a lesbian

Kim Zolciak Andy Cohen Annie

Does Kim Zolciak have a Big Mama?

Bravo definitely can’t fire Kim now that she could be the very first lesbian Real Housewife. Finally! All these years and no lesbians? For shame, Bravo.

According to Gossip on This, on Dec. 10 Kim performed her one-hit-wonder “Tardy for the Party” (twice!) at Splash Bar in NYC, and hinted to the crowd that she might be dating a woman. There was also a lady named Annie, pictured above, at the event and the pair were cuddling backstage when they weren’t cuddling on Andy Cohen.

Good for Kim! I just hope Annie’s a balla’, especially if Bravo leaves Wig Time Barbie high and dry. But really, how could Senior Vice President of Programming dump Kimmy after letting her girlfriend get to second base with him! Some people will just love you and leave you.

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