Mob Wives’ Brittany Fogarty blows up Twitter as feud with Karen Gravano intensifies

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The Brittany Fogarty Mob Wives tenure has been brief, but certainly not without drama! Brittany and Drita D’Avanzo made headlines this week when they teamed up in Drita’s ongoing Twitter feud with Karen Gravanzo; now, though Drita’s pulled back somewhat, Brittany continues to slam Karen for what she says are outright lies.

This particular part of the Brittany Fogarty Mob Wives story grew out of the allegations that both Karen and Brittany were banned from Big Ang’s funeral because of their father’s Mafia betrayals a generation ago. When photos emerged of Karen at the funeral with Big Ang’s family and the rest of the Mob Wives cast, she took to Twitter to accuse Drita of planting the allegations. Drita, though, retweeted a string of insults that Brittany sent out, among them the reminder that it’s Brittany who was quoted in several of the stories responsible for spreading the allegations in the first place.

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Now, though Drita has pulled back in her Twitter feud, it looks like Brittany is just getting started. Since the Drita and Karen feud blew back up, Brittany has pulled Carla in, thanks to Carla’s continued support for Karen, meaning the whole thing is the messiest it’s ever been. Here’s a sample of the tweets she’s either written or shared over just the past few hours:

And, before too long, Brittany let followers and emojis do the work for her:


If Drita does get her own Mob Wives-based spinoff, it looks like Brittany might be first in line for a spot in the cast!

The Mob Wives series finale will air this coming Wednesday, March 9th, and the Mob Wives reunion special will close out the show with Part One on March 16th, and Part Two on March 23rd.  

(Photo credits: Brittany Fogarty Mob Wives via Instagram)

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