Mercedes “MJ” Javid responds to pill-popping accusations, “bank robbery” details revealed

Mercedes "MJ" Javid during the season 2 'Shahs of Sunset' reunion special

Mercedes “MJ” Javid was the target of some pretty serious accusations during last night’s Shahs Of Sunset reunion special, and it all stemmed from an incident that arose while the gang (sans Gigi) was vacationing in Cabo. In the episode, Reza announced Mercedes’ pill regimen to Asa and Mike (and the millions watching), and while she didn’t put up much of a fight during that show, she did have a few things to say to the media and during the reunion!

“I was very forgiving, because I thought, ‘How is the rest of this day going to play out if I just stick to how I was just wronged and accused of being a pill popper?'” Mercedes reveals to Celebuzz regarding the Cabo episode. “I just thought if I just put it aside for right now, there’s a lot to gain from being a forgiving person.”

Putting it aside during the episode was probably the best option, but as it goes on Bravo shows, it came up again at the reunion, and at that point Mercedes had to deal with it. “The reunion is definitely going to be a place to speak on behalf of the things that happened when I wasn’t there,” Mercedes said prior to the reunion. “Most of the things that Reza and Asa and Lilly did was when I was not even present. So I watched it with the rest of the world for the first time.”

Reza and Asa on 'Shahs of Sunset' during trip to Mexico

During the reunion, things got heated between her and Reza with him laying into her — hard. “You’re 40. You robbed a bank. You aren’t selling real estate,” he said. “You don’t have any hair. Your lips are fake. Your boobs are fake. Everything about you from the head to toe is fake. You can’t go to Canada. You are a convicted felon. You can’t vote.”

Andy, of course, wanted to know more about this alleged back robbery and asked Mercedes what exactly went down. Her explanation was as follows: “I was working at a bank and there were a group of Nigerian mafia that wanted to make some check deposits without me putting the proper hold on the check. My life was threatened. I was scared for the safety of myself and my family. Even though at the time it was a mistake, it was the only way I knew I could get out of that experience alive.”

What Mercedes was convicted of was actually bank fraud, not bank robbery, and as a result of the charge, she was put on probation and went to a halfway house for three weeks. Mercedes also had to serve 5 months house arrest and pay a $10,000 restitution fee. At the time, Mercedes was just 18-years-old.

While Mercedes was explaining her side of things, co-star Mike defended her saying, “She had a public defender who made her take a plea and that is why it went on her record.”

“It made me really sad,” Mercedes says of the reunion show attack. “It was really hurtful, and it made me feel like the people in my life that are supposed to be the closest people have really let me down. It made me angry because the accusations are so untrue and hurtful and damaging that I just have to set my own example to contrast their false accusations.”

Shahs of Sunset has yet to be renewed for a third season, but with ratings on an increase, it seems likely.

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