Donnie Wahlberg’s photos causing Red Sox to lose street-cred

I hate to load the ammunition for any Yankee fan’s gun but I just can’t deny that Donnie Wahlberg’s recent Twitter photo blitz is putting a serious hurt on the legend that is the sacred grounds of Fenway Park.

NKOTBSB, if you aren’t aware is the joint forces of boy bands New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys and this boy dancin’ and singin’ troupe are set for a live show June 6th on the hallowed grounds where Ted Williams used to line doubles out past Pesky’s Pole. Look, these cross promotions are gonna happen, boy bands are going to play at your ball park but there’s just something about actually seeing photographic proof that makes it a little hard to swallow.

Beantown homer and member of New Kids On The Block Donnie Wahlberg has been hangin’ tough with his Twitter feed posting some serious, “yes this NKOTBSB invasion of Fenway is actually happening” photos. Here’s another shot of the still manually operated Green Monster advertising just that:

I got no problem with the revival of these boy bands because the demand is certainly there I’m sure. It’s just a rough mix when you start sprinkling in teenage crooning memories with a sports fan’s recollections. I’m sure Boston is proud of their hometown boys and I know they love their Sawx but I’m not sure how many of those passions intersect. I don’t think too many hard-core Sox fans are jamming New Kids On The Block when they’re headed down to Fenway for a double-header vs. the Blue Jays.

I’m just saying.