Mark Cuban owes Don Johnson millions for Nash Bridges

Mark Cuban owes Don Johnson millions

The fiery billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban has been named as one of the parties that owes Don Johnson $51.7 million dollars for the show Nash Bridges.

In July Johnson was first awarded 23.2 million dollars for his 50% ownership of the CBS show that aired from 1996-2001.  The Miami Vice star and his attorneys convinced a jury that the show made a hefty profit in no small part based on global reruns and that the defendant, Rysher Entertainment, needed to pony up some of that stash of Nash cash.  This 23.2 mil was bumped up an additional 28.5 mil last month but there was still a question as to who specifically had to give Don his just dues.

Late Thursday a judge ruled that Cuban and his partner Todd Wagner’s company 2929 Entertainment were one of the parties indebted to Crockett.

I think the real story here is the fact that Nash Bridges actually turned a profit!  Here is a clip of the show that just raked in so much bank for DJ that he may even donate a portion to the “What the Heck Ever Happened to Tubbs Fund.”

Top Photo: Darryl James – Getty Images / Fame Pictures, Inc