Marcia Cross puts on her victory face after camera-blocking Speidi


See that glimmer in her eye? That’s the face of someone who just stuck it to Speidi, something everyone would get a little giddy about, and rightfully so.

Here’s the best shot of Marcia Cross and her fellow fire-headed friend blocking Heidi and Spencer Pratt from their spotlight:


Speidi were going out to Barneys to spur pregnancy rumors by looking at baby items. Many have foretold the End of Days if these two famemongers actually create spawn, so this isn’t anything to take lightly. Marcia is doing her part to help save humanity by stealing a few pap shots from Speidi , because everyone knows they feed off of camera snaps. If someone else becomes the focus of their photo opportunity, they grow a little weaker. If this keeps up, they will eventually shrivel up and get sprinkled on Lauren Conrad’s morning granola.

Since Marcia has led to way to the light, we need more celebrities to step it up and step into Speidi’s spotlight. If you are a famous person all you have to do is stand outside of your local Taco Bell or Pizza Hut and you’ll be encroaching on some of their precious camera time.

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