10th Annual Latino Film Festival Fashion Checklist With Michelle Rodriguez

Here’s Michelle Rodriguez at the 10th Annual New York International Latino Film Festival screening of the movie Los Bandoleros, a prequel to the popular Fast and the Furious franchise:

Michelle Rodriguez at the 2009 Latino Film Festival

Let’s see if she avoided all the things on the National Association for the Advancement of Latino People’s “List of Things To Avoid To Help Our Cause:”

Over-the-top makeup [success]
High-heeled pointy leather boots [fail]
Bra showing [fail]
Shiny gold belt [fail]
Second shiny gold belt [fail]
Brightly colored skin-tight pants [fail]
Chewing gum ???
Ridiculous earrings [success]
“No you di-unt” scowl [fail]
“Attitude pose” involving hands and hips [fail]
Intimidating cleavage [fail]

I’m guessing Michelle will be getting a letter soon.

On another note, it looks like the Latino Film Festival has been hit extra hard by the economy. Where did they hold this event, the lobby of a Holiday Inn? Let’s take another look at the poor facilities as well as the fantastic diversity of the footwear in attendance:

Michelle Rodriguez at the 2009 Latino Film Festival screening of Los Bandoleros

I have no idea what that extremely white man is doing there, and las chicas in the background seem to be wondering the same thing. Maybe it’s the manager of the hotel… Abort joke! Danger! Danger Will Starcasm! Abort Joke! Ummmm, maybe it’s Lance Bass? Anyway, check out the elegant digs! Look at that exquisitely painted faux cinderblock! It looks soooo real! And I love the optical illusion in the corner! Is the door on the left or on the right? I won’t even start on the carpet or the things tucked away under the table.

One person that did wear just the right accessory is Vin Diesel, who came with this elegant piece of bling on his wrist:

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez at the Latino Film Festival screening of Los Bandoleros

(Riddick’s jewelry goes by the name Paloma Jimenez)