Love on the rocks: Outlook not so good for Miley and Patrick

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Miley Cyrus, the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Tongue Selfie,” might be done with former beau Patrick Schwarzenegger–but, if she’s upset about it, her Instagram account sure isn’t letting anyone know. Cyrus spent the weekend partying it up at Las Vegas hotspot Omnia, posting her trademark tongue shots to social media all the while. One tongue that was nowhere to be found, though, was Patrick’s–instead, he spent time lunching with friends all the way across the desert, Malibu-style.



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Patty’s been a pouty one ever since the publication of a plethora of photos of he and an unnamed lady friend with their arms around each other during a Cabo San Lucas Spring Break ’15 fling. He followed up the big reveal with a declaration of love on Twitter, assuring friends and fans (is “fans” the right word? Does he have fans?) that he would “NEVER” do anything to hurt Miley. Miley, for her part, hasn’t said a single thing about the incident–but neither has she been seen in public with P-Schwarz.



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In fact, just before this weekend’s Vegas Extravaganza, Miley made headlines for her Austin-based SXSW debauchery. She appeared onstage with her own former beau, Mike Will, during an impromptu concert. If Miley was bummed, she hid it well: One of the first things she said to the crowd was “I don’t know how f*cking high you are, but we’re high as f*ck up here.”

And, in the wake of Spring Break-Gate 2K15, new allegations of cheating have surfaced. At this point, it looks like the pair might not make it to April Fool’s Day…


(Photo credits: Miley on Instagram; Magic 8-Ball via Creative Commons)

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