Lindsay Lohan tried to ‘break the Internet’

Lindsay Lohan Break the Internet

As with most everyone who has an Internet connection, Lindsay Lohan noticed when Kim Kardashian tried to take the network down with her revealing Paper Magazine photoshoot last year. So, on Saturday, Lindsay also tried to “break the Internet” with her own seductive snapshot.

“Break the Internet with clothes on,” she tweeted from Paris, adding the hashtag #majorlooks. She posted the same picture on Instagram with the caption #MajorSituation.

Although her tweet could be taken as a jab as Kim’s booty-bearing, it doesn’t seem Lindsay meant it that way, considering she hung out with Kris Jenner hours later — and called the gathering “family time.”

Family Time with @krisjenner @joycebonelli #midnightinparis @garage_magazine

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Lindsay recently told Hunger, We’ve Got Issues that it was hard for her to get used to social media.

“I’ve been doing this for so long that it’s different now. We didn’t use to have Twitter and stuff,” she said in the newly published interview. “Now the price that you pay is that your life is so much more viral. You can’t get away from it. You have no privacy unless you choose to live your life a certain way.”

She admitted that she hasn’t always done the best job at managing it all.

“I chose to live my life in public,” she explained. “I think it’s just learning and I like to learn the hard way, clearly.”

Lindsay also said she’s much happier in London than in Los Angles, where “you’re only as hot as your last movie.”

“I’m a homebody. I would just go out because I had nothing else to do,” Lindsay claimed. “Otherwise, you’re just depressed sitting there alone. It’s a huge amp-up for really nothing in the end.”

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