LHHNY Mendeecees Harris baby mama drama with Samantha Wallace and Erika plotting against Yandy for Season 7

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The man himself might still be in prison, but the Mendeecees Harris baby mama drama is about to spill over something fierce when Love & Hip Hop New York premieres its seventh season. According to a new report, Yandy Smith-Harris’ patience will be tested after Samantha Wallace and Erika Deshazo, Mendeecees’ two baby mamas from before his marriage, conspire against Yandy in an attempt at bringing her down.

The news breaks a string of recent good headlines for Mendeecees. Last year, he was sentenced to eight years in prison on a drug trafficking charge, and surrendered to begin serving his time in January of 2016. Several months later, though, an update suggested that he might be released much sooner than expected. And, just two weeks ago, we reported that Mendeecees’ attorneys have filed a petition to have his sentence cut nearly in half, thanks to a combination of his good behavior while incarcerated and his reputation as a positive role model and lecturer for children up and down the East Coast.

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A new Fameolous report, though, could spell trouble for Mendeecees and Yandy whenever he does get released. According to their source, a major plot throughout LHHNY Season 7 will feature Samantha Wallace–pictured above, with son Mendeecees Jr.–and Erika Deshazo, pictured at the top of the article with their son Asain–”plotting to take Yandy down.” The source suggests that the pair will “create lies to do so,” and that Samantha in particular is deceptive. From the report:

I want to mainly put Samantha Wallace on blast before and after the show airs. Her being a dead-beat and using her son as a pawn to get back at Yandy.. how this is her 1st Time this year having her son full time. How her Instagram is fraud and she has never raised Lil Mendeecee before now. Someone will be making an appearance On LHHNY putting her on blast about the tapes of her plotting against Yandy. The 3 of them will be on the show. Erika and Samantha against Yandy. The kicker tho is Samantha don’t even like Erika in REAL LIFE. She is using her to have her back on the Show and talk about her like a dog behind closed Doors….Samantha Wallace is in the hot seat and caught in action being a bitter Becky!

It isn’t immediately clear whether this particular drama is genuine, or whether it’s been manufactured in an attempt at keeping Mendeecees present on the show despite his prison term. But, whatever the reason, we’ll find out soon enough: Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 premieres Monday, November 21st, on VH1.

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