Kate Gosselin told police that Jon Gosselin is a drug dealing kidnapper


Police reports from 2015 reveal just how serious Kate Gosselin’s accusations against Jon Gosselin have become.

In an April 24th, 2015 report obtained by In Touch, Kate claimed that Jon “kidnapped” their daughter Hannah when he picked her up from school. She also alleged that, “Jon is a drug dealer, who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics.”

Kate dialed up the police again on April 27th, 2015, telling an officer that she feared Jon would engage in a “hostile dispute” adding that she “detected suspicious behavior” between him and their kid.

All in all, Kate contacted the cops 5 times in just 3 days but the responding officer informed her that it was a custody/civil matter and that it needed to be handled in court.

A source with In Touch stated, “Jon had no idea at the time that she accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Hannah. He was upset when he found out.” This insider added that Jon was granted an emergency custody hearing and that the presiding judge found no evidence to back Kate’s very serious claims.

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