Kari Ann Peniche claims that her ‘Celebrity Rehab’ roommate Mindy McCready leaked the nude tape with Eric Dane

Image credit: Myspace

Image credit: Myspace

This is getting more interesting, sort of. Kari Ann Peniche told TMZ that her tape with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart is definitely not a sex tape. There isn’t any hanky-panky on the video, and Kari says that nothing happened that night off camera either.

However, the video of Kari’s drugged-up breasteses hanging out with Eric and Rebecca is currently floating around the interwebz right now, and Kari blames in on her Celebrity Rehab roommate, country singer Mindy McCready.

Kari says that roommate Mindy stole her harddrive after a fight about money. She’s still unsure if she wants to sue, probably because Kari was kicked off Celebrity Rehab for stealing from Mindy.

McCready, a country singer best known for an affair with Roger Clemens, is claiming innocence in the matter.

Eric Dane does own rights to the tape, and plans to sue the pants off of anyone who publishes the tape. McSteamy is not McHappy about this.

Kari, 25, who on the tape decides to go with the p0rn name “Fifi,” says the drugged tape was shot two years ago at her Studio City apartment.

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