John Edwards is sad about legal separation from wife Elizabeth after 30 years; may have a sex tape


John Edwards sure is a catch, and now he’s legally available! Line up, ladies. Sure, he’s still got a fairly new baby mama in the picture, but there’s always room for more! According to Gawker, there may also be a sex tape in the mix. John’s former aide, Andrew Young, has a book coming (The Politician) out next Tuesday (February 2) in which he expected to reveal details about the sex tape.

People’s new cover story  (out Friday) is about Elizabeth Edward’s “breaking point” and the fact that the couple have been living separately for a while. Her sister Nancy Anania tells people that Elizabeth says “‘I’ve had it. I can’t do this. I want my life back.”

John Edwards confirmed the separation in a statement to the AP, saying the situation makes him “extraordinarily sad,” and he still cares for Elizabeth. The announcement of the split comes just a few days after Edwards publicly admitted to fathering a child, 2-year-old Quinn, with film producer Rielle Hunter. When news of the alleged affair and love child broke last year (via the National Enquirer), Edwards tried to get his aide Andrew Young to take the fall. Talk about one of the world’s worst jobs (“Yeah, I’m gonna need you to publicly pretend to father the baby I had during an affair. So yeah, if you could do that, and also turn in the TPS reports by Saturday.) You can read more about Young’s side of the story in his book next week.

Elizabeth Edwards is still undergoing treatments for cancer, which she’s had since 2007. Divorce proceedings are pending her health. She’s been married to John Edwards for 32 years, they married July 30, 1977 after meeting in law school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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